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Can I Eat Without My Dentures In?

Posted on 4/15/2024 by Weo Admin
a pair of traditional dentures in a glass of waterLosing teeth is a life-changing occurrence for any adult. Your lifestyle changes almost completely, especially in the most essential aspects of life, like eating, speaking, and singing. Dentures can re-establish those functions and your smile aesthetic. You may wonder if you can eat without dentures since children and babies manage to eat without teeth.

Irritated Gums

If you choose to eat without your dentures in, it is equivalent to trying to chew your food without teeth. That would mean working hard to break down your food using your gum and jaw. Using your gum and jaw for a purpose they are not designed to serve can result in detrimental consequences, including soreness, irritation, and deterioration in a worst-case scenario. The pressure you apply on your gums can also create openings for bacteria to get inside the gums, which can lead to bacterial infection and, later, full-blown gum disease if not treated.

Digestive Problems

Food digestion naturally starts in the mouth. That means your food cannot be adequately broken down before you swallow if you eat without your dentures. Swallowing food that is not chewed properly can cause problems in your colon because it is not used to digest large pieces of food particles.

When the colon cannot digest these food particles, your body misses out on essential nutrients that are impossible to absorb in their state. You could also choke on your food if you eat without your dentures because your mouth cannot produce enough saliva without the help of your teeth.

Jawbone Deterioration

When you continue eating without dentures for a prolonged period, you will eventually wear down your jawbone. The pressure from the food goes straight to the jawbone, forcing the bone to recede and later leading to permanent bone loss.

Closing Remarks

You should avoid eating without your dentures for several reasons. Firstly, without dentures, you cannot chew food properly, which leads to swallowing larger pieces that your digestive system will struggle to process. This can cause discomfort. Secondly, large, unchewed food poses a serious choking risk. Finally, our teeth stimulate saliva production, which is essential for comfortable swallowing, so eating without dentures can make it harder to swallow safely.

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