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When To Get a Dental Crown

Posted on 2/15/2024 by Weo Admin
3D images of two dental crowns. Dental crowns are essential for repairing and improving the natural structure of your teeth. When it comes to dental issues, a crown may be the answer for decay, damage, or cosmetic concerns. Here is a guide on when to consider getting a dental crown.

To Restore a Badly Decayed Tooth

While smaller cavities can often be treated with dental fillings, larger cavities, and badly decayed teeth may require a more robust solution. Dental crowns provide comprehensive coverage, protecting the compromised tooth from further damage. The decayed enamel is removed, and a custom-designed crown is placed over the trimmed tooth, seamlessly restoring both form and function.

To Replace a Damaged Filling

If your tooth filling is old and covers more than two-thirds of the tooth width or is damaged, it is wise to consider replacing it with a dental crown. Crowns offer superior protection compared to fillings and can prevent issues such as cracking.

To Repair a Chipped, Cracked, or Broken Tooth

Dental crowns repair chipped, cracked, or broken teeth caused by injury or wear and tear, like teeth grinding. They act as a protective shield, strengthening the tooth and restoring its abilities.

To Protect a Tooth After a Root Canal

After a root canal procedure, choosing the right restoration to safeguard the treated tooth is essential. While fillings are suitable for front teeth, dental crowns are often the preferred option for rear teeth. The back teeth endure more bite force and pressure, making crowns a more durable choice for ensuring the longevity of the tooth post-root canal therapy.

For Cosmetic Purposes

Traditional cosmetic treatments may fall short when a tooth is severely misshapen or deeply stained. A dental crown offers an effective solution, covering the imperfect tooth and enhancing the overall appearance of your smile.

Dental crowns are versatile and beneficial in various situations, providing a reliable solution for restorative and cosmetic dental needs. If you find yourself in any of these scenarios, consult with our dentist to explore the possibilities of incorporating a dental crown for a radiant smile.
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